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nifty fifty quilters of america
Nifty Fifty 30 Guidelines

1. The theme for NF 30 is Amish Quilt Blocks.

2. All blocks will be 9 inch finished blocks (9 ½” unfinished) The blocks have to be traditional quilt block
patterns.  They can be hand or machine pieced.  We will accept appliqued quilt blocks as long as they are
in the Amish Tradition.

3. Each participant will be representing three states. They will make a 17 blocks plus 2 sample blocks for
each of the states being represented.
So it is a total of 56 blocks (17 blocks for each state) We are including blocks for Washington DC and a
general USA block.  One sample block will be used for a quilt for charity to raise money for breast cancer
awareness and the other sample block will be used for the Nifty Fifty Archives.

4. I will require two sample blocks by----Date still to be determined. Be sure you get your sample block
before you cut and sew all 50+ blocks. If you are late with your sample block you will be dropped from
the swap unless you have prior approval by me.

5. All blocks must have black in them. We will all use the same black background fabric which is still to be
decided.  A Fabric Oasis will special order fabric bolts of the black
background fabric and  Everyone MUST order their black background fabric from A Fabric Oasis. This
will guarantee that the dye lots will match and everyone’s quilts will have the correct  fabric. If you are
dropped from the swap or decide to drop out of the swap then you MUST be willing to sell our new
participant your purchased fabric.  All fabric must be pre-washed. The rest of the fabric in your quilt block
MUST be KONA brand 100% cotton.   The rest of the colors in your blocks MUST follow the color
scheme as posted on our NF 30 Web page and in our photo section of our yahoo group
Sample Colors.
Please no yellow, orange, white, gold or pale light colors.  We are using greens, blues, purples, pinks ,
fuchsia reds, burgundy, indigo, periwinkle, teals, turquoise, aqua and blue/green tones. They can be muted
and brights.

6. We will not have any duplicate block patterns in our swap unless one person does a block in two
colors…(black and one other color) and the other person doing the same block uses multiple colors.  All
block patterns must be approved before you start making your sample blocks. Please choose a traditional
quilt block pattern which will work up well in Amish colors. Once a quilt block pattern is approved I will
list it in our database so everyone can check which patterns are already taken.  There is a website with
possible quilt block patterns that you can use for this swap.  The website is www.niftyfiftyquilters.
com/nf30blocks.html. They are from EQ5 and if you need the pattern then please let me know and I will
mail you a copy.

7. We will not be signing our names and states on these blocks but instead everyone will be making a 2.5”
x 2.5” signature block to be attached to each block by a safety pin. Please use one of your fabrics that is
used in your block as your signature square. The signature blocks will need to be signed with your name
and the state that you are representing with a permanent fabric pen. If a pattern is chosen from Marcia
Hohn's Quilter's Cache then you must list the name of the quilt block and Quilter's Cache/Marcia Hohn on
your signature square along with your name and state. These signature blocks will need to be attached to
the back of your finished quilt.  

8. All blocks must follow our  
Nifty Fifty Quality and Sewing Tips

9. Any quilter may adopt a state. Only one set of two states per quilter until they get all their blocks turned
in to the hostess. A quilter can take on another set of states if they are finished with their
first set.

10. Mail your blocks to Teresa Drummond. Address is listed in our Nifty Fifty Yahoo List or email me at


1. Everyone is required to send me four sample blocks—(two from each assigned state)
By----Date to be established. These blocks will be used for a quilt for charity for Breast Cancer
Awareness and for the Nifty Fifty Archive quilt. If you cannot meet this deadline I will assume you will not
be able to meet the final deadline and I will be forced to find another participant from your assigned state.
Please do not be late with your sample block.  

2. Mail your sample blocks to Teresa Drummond. Address is listed in our Nifty Fifty Yahoo List or email
me at
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