nifty fifty quilters of america
Nifty Fifty Quilters
of America

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nifty fifty quilters of america
Guidelines for the
Postage and Mailing Nifty Fifty Quilt Blocks

Along with your sample blocks, you must mail the following to me:

Follow the
Nifty Fifty Quilters
1. One self-addressed label.

2. One self-addressed stamped priority nylon envelope.
Priority envelopes can be picked up at any post office.
You can get your postage rate by entering your zip code on
the using the zip code of 22554. The
weight of these blocks should be around 3 lbs.

3. $2.00 donation for the backing and batting for the
charity and archive quilt.
1. All packages mailed to me must have a confirmation
number. You must email me your confirmation number as
soon as your package goes in the mail.

2. Do not keep your own block when mailing the hostess
your set of state blocks. This is confusing when
sorting the blocks. The hostess must have all your
state blocks and you will get your state blocks
back in your returning blocks.

3. Mail your blocks to Teresa Drummond. Address is listed
in our Nifty Fifty Yahoo List or email me at