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nifty fifty quilters of america
                             Nifty Fifty 30 Guidelines

1) As soon as I receive a definite confirmation from you then I will send you an invitation to our NF 30
yahoo group.  Please be prompt in accepting this invitation. All Participants must be a member of our NF
30 swap's yahoo list throughout the entire exchange. Please do not go NO MAIL on our list.  There is a
digest option on this list. All updates will be placed on this list. All participants must fill out a
short History Form, which includes name, address, occupation, quilting experience, family and hobbies.
There is an option to have your history form kept private. If you want it kept private then Please e-mail me
your form. Please be prompt in filing out this form because our Deadline dates DO NOT go
into effect until I have a record of all History Forms.

2) History Forms of participants will be available through our group's database. Everyone will
be able to print out these from the database.

1) Deadline dates will be announced when our group is full.

2) We will have three deadline dates. The first date is for the sample blocks of BOTH STATES.  Then the
second deadline date will be 6 months after the first deadline date and it will be for one complete set of 26
state blocks. The final deadline date will be 4 months after the second deadline date and it will be for your
final set of 26 state blocks.

3) If any quilter does not meet the first deadline date of their sample blocks then the hostess has the option
of dropping them from the exchange and finding an alternate from our waiting lists. And dropped quilter will
be required to sell their fabric kits to the new participant or back to the hostess.

4) If a quilter sends in their first set and is late with their second set of blocks without notifying the
hostess in advance then she has the option of finding a replacement quilter and WILL keep the quilters first
set of 26 blocks to be put towards the replacement set of blocks so our group will stay on schedule. So if
you are going to be late be sure you keep in close contact with your hostess so you will not be
replaced and lose your first 26 blocks and return postage.

5) Please remember that if you have NOT notified the hostess about the late blocks then a quilter will have
taken your place and please do not expect the hostess to return any blocks or postage. If this occurs then
the blocks that you have already submitted WILL be forfeited to your replacement swapper.

6) When the deadline date arrives, the hostess will start sorting the blocks and mailing out completed
packages to each participate who has sent in a completed set no later than a month and a half after
the deadline date.

7) If you have notified the hostess that any of your blocks are going to be late, then the completed
packages WILL STILL GO OUT ON SCHEDULE WITHOUT your blocks and you must send in your
blocks with 26 stamped (at least two stamps per envelope) envelopes with your return address in your
package of late blocks so the hostess can mail them out separately. After your blocks have been mailed out
separately then the hostess will mail you your returning blocks from our group. If you have NOT notified
the hostess about the late blocks then a quilter will have taken your Place and please do not expect the
hostess to return any blocks or postage.
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