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nifty fifty quilters of america
Nifty Fifty Quilters
of America
nifty fifty quilters of america
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South American Quilt Blocks

This page features the South American quilt blocks that were swapped in our many
Twenty Plenty International quilt block swaps. Our quilters swapped 9 inch
quilt blocks. The blocks had to be designed to represent their country.
The original designs are protected by copyright. Please do not copy or use
them other than for inspiration. Relax, sit back, scan down
and enjoy our quilter's creativity.

Click on quilts for a larger view
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Please do not copy or use the original quilt block patterns on our pages without our permission. They are here to  
preserve the history behind our 50 state quilt blocks swaps and we are sharing them  for inspiration to other
quilters. Please appreciate and enjoy our quilters creativity and the history behind each state quilt block.
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