Suzanne's Nifty Fifty 14 Quilt Block
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nifty fifty 50 state quilt
nifty fifty scrappy quilt
scrappy nifty fifty quilt
nifty fifty quilters of america
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nifty fifty quilters of america
Amish 50 State Quilts

Our quilting group will be swapping 9 inch
50 State Quilt Blocks in an Amish Theme
Teresa Drummond
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Amish Swap Waiting List
Bonnie--New York and New Mexico
Teresa D.--Virginia and Massachuestts
Sandy---Illinois and Wisconsin
Margaret--Washington and Oregon
Debra---Texas and Arizona
Joyce--Alaska and Minnesota
Judy---Michigan and Florida
Cheryl--Colorado and Connecticut
JMarie---Kentucky and Oklahoma
Sue---Montana and Idaho
Eileen P---Pennsylvania and Ohio
Michelle-Nevada and North Carolina
Teresa F.--Alabama and California
Jill--Missouri and Tennessee
Eileen T.--South Dakota and Hawaii
We accepting quilters
for our swap at this time.
Please email
Teresa at to
be placed on our list