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Free Sewing Patterns
Sewing Patterns for Home, Wearables and Children

Free Sewing Projects
Sewing Projects for Baby, Gifts, Purses and Toys

The Sewing Pattern Website
Free Fleece/Home/Baby/Pets/Holiday Sewing Patterns
Free Beginning Sewing Instructions
America Sews Let the Sewing Lessons Begin
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Downloadable Free Sewing Patterns
America Sews Hundreds of free sewing designs
and projects

Learn the Basics of Sewing
Free Instruction on Adorable Projects and Home Projects

Free online sewing and craft classes
Sewing Classes by Patterns That Fit You

Variety of Free Sewing Projects
No matter what your skill level is there are always
new projects ncluding seasonal decorations

Free Printable Sewing Patterns
Free sewing patterns with step by step instructions
Sewing Patterns and Instructional Links

Our page offers links to many free sewing patterns from clothing, baby items and home decor. Included are
sewing patterns for pets, accessories, purses and toys. Many of the sewing patterns are downloadable. We
have many links to beginner sewing instructions to free online sewing classes.
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