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The Revolutionary War
and the
Thirteen Colonies
Quilt Block Swap

These exchanges are based on the time throughout the
Revolutionary War of our Country. We have included other
colonial related blocks besides the Thirteen Colonies, so there
is a total of twenty-six blocks. We have added important
places and events, and a representation of the people of the
times. Our blocks range from traditional quilt blocks to
appliqued quilt blocks to a house quilt block. Scan down to
see each individual block.  Be sure to click on each signature
quilt block to  read about these unique quilt blocks.
Revoluntionary War Thirteen Colonies Quilt
betsy ross and american flag quilt block
Betsy Ross
Quilt Blocks and Signature Squares

Click on quilt block for larger image and click on the
signature squares to read the details about each quilt block
Classic Colonial Quilt
boston tea party quilt block
This tea cup represents
the Boston Tea Party.
On Dec. 16, 1773 the
colonists objected to
the Tea Act so they
destroyed taxed tea.
Boston Tea Party
pocahontas quilt block
revolutionary war georgia cabin quilt block
native american quilt block
Native Americans
South Carolina
thirteen colonies south carolina cannon quilt block
new york thirteen colonies quilt block
New York
salem witch trials quilt block
Salem Witch Trials
liberty bell thirteen colonies pennyslvania quilt block
north carolina thirteen colonies quilt block
North Carolina
mayflower pilgrams quilt block
english mayflower quilt block
New Jersey
massachusetts thirteen colonies
Liberty Bell
thirteen colonies conneticut
new hampshire thirteen colonies
New Hampshire
constitution hall philiadephia quilt block
declaration of independence quilt block
Declaration of
minutemen quilt block
jamestown quilt block
revolutionary war slaves quilt block
plymouth rock quilt block
Plymouth Rock
encampment tent revolutionary war quilt block
The new thirteen star
flag was first unfurled
on the Cooch's Bridge
during Delaware's only
Revolutionary War
battle on Sept. 3, 1777
revolutionary war delaware coochs bridge quilt block
thirteen coloniesft henry maryland
thirteen colonies rhode island
Rhode Island
Aquidneck Island
there were American
and British forces
remained in
This quilt block
represents Religious
Freedom, Ft. Henry
and the Maryland Flag
which is the family
crest of the Calvert and
Crossland families.
thirteen colonies quilt
revolutionary war quilt
Our participants made extra blocks for
a very special 5th grade teacher.  
My Son and his friends presenting
the quilt to Mrs. Parks
2011 Copyright Teresa Drummond
All Rights Reserved
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